Thursday, August 2, 2012



The Etsy Treasuries that we were featured in during the month of July are listed here.  Take a look at the collection of curated items with a central theme.  We were very pleased to be selected as part of these collections of Etsy artists.

Here's a cute treasury for "us girls."
This is the one that was selected for this treasury, but click below to see the entire collection.  Titled:  Girls Just Want to have Fun

Another Treasury that I liked is titled  Life is About Creating Yourself

And finally, Primary Lifesaver, a curated collection of art and craft of primary colors.


And our top five Etsy "Favorites" that were selected for the month were ALL for supplies of our Magnet Sheets or our Ceramic Tile Magnet Blanks.  Make Your Own Magnets is very popular for creating your own special wedding favors, party favors, and Save the Date magnets.  It's also great for turning your child's art into a magnet.  Our previous blog entry has instructions for making your own magnets.

Below is a sheet of magnet with the peel away paper that reveals the adhesive side of the magnet.

We also feature ceramic tile blanks that can be painted and embellished with your choice of craft items.  Painting can be done with glass paint or markers or you can use regular craft acrylic paint and then spray it with an acrylic gloss glaze.  A sharpie pen works well to write your message on top of the glazed magnet.

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The Magnificent Magnet

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  1. Great treasuries you were in! I like the idea of the make your magnets too, very cute!

    Blogging Buddies Team