Monday, July 30, 2012


We're offering our magnetic sheets for sale on ETSY and instructions to MAKE YOUR OWN MAGNETS.  Purchase our magnet sheets in small quantities of 3 sheets that are each 7 x 10 inches.  Our magnetic sheets are .030 inches thick...sturdy and strong.  They DO NOT go in your printer, but rather have an adhesive backing that is peeled off and your print is adhered to it.

You can create wonderful and lasting keepsakes for party favors, photo magnets, or favorite mementos of a trip or event. Put your children's artwork on a magnet! 

You can scan your subject in and reduce it to the size you want on sites such as  which is an easy photo editing site or any other photo editing software you have, print it out and put it on a magnet!  Keep them for yourself or create wonderful event favors and gifts to give out at parties, dinners, fundraisers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are the simple instructions for creating your custom magnets:

How to make a magnet

Proudly display your favorite photos, child’s artwork, or memento on your fridge!  Great party favors for birthdays, family gatherings, clubs, and other events.  Perfect stocking stuffers, teacher and bus driver gifts for end of year presents.  Use your computer to create all kinds of things to put on a magnet!

1.    To begin, select the photo or artwork you would like to make into a magnet.  You might want to crop it a bit bigger than the final magnet to allow a bit of space to trim down the edge.

2.    Cut a piece of magnet a little larger than the size of the finished artwork size, leaving the paper backing on.

3.    To make placing the artwork or photo on the magnet a little easier, place the magnet piece on a  metal cookie sheet to hold it in place.

4.    Peel back about an inch of the paper backing and place your artwork face up on the sticky surface of the magnet.  Now carefully peel the rest of the paper backing away and smooth the artwork on the magnet as you peel the backing away, to make sure there are no air bubbles.  A brayer (roller) or even a rolling pin or a glass works well.

5.    Trim the artwork that is on the magnet to desired size.  A paper cutter works well for straight edges if you have one, otherwise use a pair of sharp scissors and cut around the artwork, photo or shape.

6.    Your magnet is now ready to display, give as a gift, or even sell on!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Month's Etsy Favorites

Had a wonderful day in the garden.  Hope you enjoyed your day too!

Just looking at the different Etsy "Favorites" magnets for the month of June from our Etsy Shop

A "Favorite's" tag for those of you who may not know, is when someone clicks that they like a certain piece of your work or they like your entire shop. 

We thought we'd pick a few of the many tagged favorites for the month of June.   

This was the top favorite! 

It's part of our new MAGNET SUPPLIES section on Etsy.  We decided that people might like to put their "stuff" on a magnet and enjoy it on their fridge.  Others might like to create their own wedding favors, save the dates, or magnets for a family reunion.  So we are now offering our Magnetic Sheets and simple suggestions about How Make Your Own Magnet.  We also have ceramic tile magnet blanks that can be painted on and sprayed with an acrylic glaze.  We're hoping to get our decals available soon with instructions for water slide application onto the tiles.

The next most popular was this teacher magnet.  We offered quite a few teacher quotes this year, and this one seemed to be the most popular.

This humorous GOLF theme magnet came in third.  Golfers Diet...Live on Greens!  'Tis the season for golf and we do a lot of different golf sayings for golf dinners, gifts for golf partners and the like.

Stop by our Etsy Shop at and have a laugh!  Click on your favorites!

Our regular site for gift shop owners, museums, historic sites and wineries features our Regional Line, Museum Designs, and Winery theme magnets

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