Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Magnificent Magnet blog, the first day!

Today is the first day of my blog!

I hope to use this blog for a gallery of the magnets we are creating for the gift shops, museums, historic sites and wineries that we sell to around the country, as well as new items we are posting daily to our retail shop on Etsy

I also want to use our blog to promote our different customers who have locations that are interesting  to visit and organizations we belong to that we feel are notable.

One of the organizations we recently joined is the Museum Store Association where we feature our magnets for museums and historic sites.  If you are a museum or historic site, this group is well worth joining as the members are a teriffic networking group and it is a very interactive site.

Another group we are associated with is Orange County Tourism in New York State's scenic and historic Hudson Valley.  I just came back from a meeting last week where Scott Levy of First Brain Media spoke on Social Networking.  The OC Tourism group meets, exchanges brochures and networks on great things to do in Orange County.  We gained a new customer from this meeting, Gillinder Glass Factory in Port Jervis, NY and are making custom Gillinder Glass logo magnets for them.

This company is one of the oldest glass making companies in the United States!  They give interesting tours, have a glass store on premises, and is a fun thing to do in Orange County!

Well, it's a beautiful day and I am going outside now to work in my garden, so I will leave you with a gardening quote for today...           My Heart is in the Garden!  You can see more info on this magnet by clicking the highlighted quote.
Gardening Magnet - My Heart is in the Garden

Have a great day!


  1. Good luck on your blog. We have been magnificent magnet fans for many years and have many on display! GilindarGlass Glass is awesome. Jon takes his engineering students on a plant tour every year. I am always gifted with a vase or lamp. The now I will request a magnet.

    1. So nice to have a response from a "fan" on the very first entry! Thanks!

  2. Great start for your blog Fredda! Congrats!

    I have never heard of Gillinder Glass. And it is so close. Definitely a must see.

    Hope you had fun in your garden. I did a couple of repottings today out on the porch. So nice to have my fingers in the dirt and the beautiful spring air all around :)

    1. Hi Marianne. Thanks for your good wishes. Want to plan a trip to Gillinder Glass together? I would love to go with you!

  3. Nice magnets. I to had my hands in the dirt getting my garden ready. Nothing is better then home grown veggies. Except maybe chocolate (-; Good luck on your blog.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Mixed Kreations! I agree with you about the homegrown veggies AND the chocolate. And speaking of dirt...another magnet came to mind that I thought would be fun to share.